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​            Latest Projects​:

WV Recovers is planning several events.

Please refer to the trainings section for more details.

WVRecovers.Org can train as an Ambassador of Faces and Voices of Recovery and offers this advocacy skill set training curriculum as well. WVRecovers.Org also works closely with the WVLeadershipAcademy.Org ( which is recognized by SAMHSA as an Exemplary Self-Advocacy Program

WVRecovers provides Ethics

training online to groups of PRSS WVRecovers developed an orientation curriculum for PRSS as well. This 10 hr curriculum has been piloted in Huntington as well in April of 2022.All Certificates of Attendance are offered through a collaboration with PEER Resource Network, a preferred provider through WV Certification Board. 

The Coordinator is a facilitator for four programs:

1. Recovery Coach Basics McShinn Model PRSS Training.

Evidence-Based trainings include:

2. WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) Seminar I (building your own WRAP & Seminar II (International WRAP Facilitator Certification) and is certified as an Advanced Level Facilitator at the Copeland Center

3. Whole Health Action Management

4. Illness Management and Recovery 

In June 2021 project coordinator was trained to deliver Addictive Behavior Awareness curriculum developed by Randall  Brown, PRSS.

WVRecovers.Org posts sponsored public training events on the Marshall University Center for Peer Excellence (PEER Hub)


WVR will join allies at events including  

WVR will be Facilitating WV Leadership Academy in Romney WV April 27-28

WVR will collaborate with Holy City Wellbeing to provide a WRAP Seminar II in Romney WV May 1-5.

WVR will assist BOMAR Club with Lodestar to provide Recovery Coach Basics course May 8.9.10 in Ripley with a 2 day 16 hr ethics coarse May 11-12 to follow at BOMAR Club location.

On May 16 WVR is presenting to the Buckhannon Rotary Club.

WVR will attend the WV Leadership Academy held in Beckley at Seed Sower May 17.

WVR will co facilitate a WRAP Seminar I in Grantsville WV at Calhoun FRN with Wellness In Action May 23-24.


The Annual WV Recovery Advocacy Day will be held March 9, 2023. Collaborating with GRaCE, Kara Prunty, BA with Wellness in Action and PEER Resource Network, WVR is providing 1.5 Hr. Recovery Attendance Credits to individuals. Register at

The Evidence Based Practice Wellness Recovery Action Plan co facilitation is going strong as well. WV Recovers provided 2day WRAP I Seminar to 9 participants at the BOMAR Club in Ripley WV in Feb,2023 and two additional 2day Seminar I's were held March 28-29 at One Voice training and event center in Oceana with the second one at the Dunbar Wellness In Action Center location on April 1-2. A WRAP Seminar II followed in Charleston April 3-7, 2023.  WVR will be requesting donations from participants to fund cost of co Facilitation. A minimum of $500 per person for WRAP Seminar II and $200 each person unless other arrangements are made. Contact WVR Coordinator J.K. McAtee, Advanced Level Facilitator. 

WV Recovers will also be supporting allies as a cofacilitator for McShinn Recovery Coach Trainings and Ethics during the month of March.

WV Recovers held P.E.E.R. Summit IV

Virtual Recovery Ed. Event via Zoom

August 2022. Several peers and allies participated. John Kangus of Logan County QRT was voted the 3rd Ted Johnson Paradigm Pioneer Award.

WV Recovers recently held two WRAP Seminar I & Seminar II in Charleston and Logan WV. A total of 18 people were certified as International WRAP co facilitators.

How to help WVRecovers.Org:

Like & Follow our Facebook Page & Join our Facebook Group. Add your contact information to get information regarding news of employment, funding, law changes and educational events.

Assist us by volunteering and identifying peers and allies who can help us have a unified voice in all peer matters. WVRecovers.Org has made arrangements with Greater Recovery and Community Engagement (GRaCE) to provide trainings through strengthingrace for basic Recovery Coach/Life Coach and Advanced Coaching curriculum and opportunities to provide volunteer hours with the newly formed Recovery Community Organizations and/or Community Resource and Recovery Centers. 

Identify and become willing to serve as a volunteer.

Share what you need and help us to help each other with peer education, advocacy and programming for peer supports.

WVR Grows.jpeg
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